Ever since Google announced Project Fi around April last year, it has aroused a lot of interest and turned quite a few heads. Project Fi makes Google a lot bigger and a lot more powerful in the Internet space. With Project Fi, users stay connected seamlessly to the Internet at the best possible prices. While Android phones already switch over from Wifi to mobile data and back, what has always been missing is the seamless aspect of it. But this new service from Google does more than just seamless; it is also cheaper for consumers. Once you port your number to Google's Fi network, you are no more on a T-Mobile or a Sprint network. Instead, you are moved to a Project Fi network where you only pay for the data that you use. All the data that you do not use is refunded at the end of the month.

Google is disrupting the public Internet space with this new offering. However, we at Tom's VPN were more interested in finding out what this means for the privacy and anonymity of our readers. We will talk more about Google VPN, but first an overview of Project Fi.

Introducing Project Fi by Google

​As you can see, Project Fi claims seamless connectivity like no other carrier. Seamless here means, your phone might keep switching carrier networks and Wifi, but so long as you are connected, you will feel like you are on the same network. This will give you consistent and uninterrupted music streaming, voice calls and downloads irrespective of where you are connected from.

Project Fi Consumer and Carrier Benefits

Project Fi is an amazing and marvelous project. It is ambitious and the timing is just right. Moreover, this first release proves that Google has come close to cracking the technical and business challenge behind this. Project Fi can be a massive success and can potentially spread like wildfire because it does bring attractive offers to the table for everyone.

For Consumers

  • Refund on unused data, fair usage policy
  • Minimal changes to switch to Project Fi
  • Uniform global experience and pricing
  • Automatic VPN on public WiFi networks

For Carriers

  • New and profitable data-based business
  • Higher and bulk usage of LTE networks
  • Opportunity to innovate with Google
  • Offload customer-handling responsibilities

Project Fi plans come at a flat $20 monthly charge for unlimited domestic calls and text, unlimited international text and you can buy additional data at $10 per GB/month. International speeds are not as good yet, but this will improve drastically in the coming years as more LTE networks join Google in this offering. Google has outlined Project Fi plans and charges on the Project Fi  plan page.


Project Fi will revamp the way Carriers do business. Google knows how to sell ads and is the best in this sphere. Carriers know how to sell data packages, and are quite good at it. The ad-revenue model of Google is a lot more profitable than the data packages that carriers offer, and this is where they have come together. Google is probably acting as an MVNO in between the carriers and the consumers. It buys unused bandwidth from carriers and brings in more users into the Internet ecosystem to sell its advertisement services. Carriers have found a new bulk consumer for their data services. End users are getting better data plans and connectivity than ever. In the end, everyone goes home happy.

However, Project Fi also involves an additional feature that switches users ​over to a Google VPN which promises to keep your data secure over a public Wifi network. There are a lot of speculations about this VPN offering from Google and in the next part of this article, we will analyze if Google VPN is secure enough for you.

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